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19 October 2018

What we learned spotting cars on the streets of South Korea

You can learn a lot about a local car culture just by walking the streets. We walked the streets of Korea to see what we could find.
19 October 2018

We investigated the 24hr self-serve carwash phenomenon in Korea

Do-it-yourself carwash is almost as popular as Kpop or Kimchi amongst car owners in South Korea.
19 October 2018

Bimmerwerks is a Korean car club on an unprecedented scale

I thought Bimmewerks was a run-of-the mill car club. But with a huge membership base, it's emblematic of the rising tide of motoring enthusiasm in South Korea.
19 October 2018

We were invited to take a rare look into Korean tuning car culture

For a nation that makes so many cars, little is known about 'KDM car culture' we were invited inside one of the better-known tuning garages to find out why.
17 October 2018

Hyundai's Motorstudio in Goyang is an unusual automotive experience

Just northwest of Seoul is a city called Goyang, and among its sprawling industry and monolithic apartment blocks sits a building that could have easily been dropped out of a science fiction film.
17 October 2018

Iran introduces a knockoff Murcielago with Hyundai power

China isn't the only country making fake supercars.
16 October 2018

Three (wheeled) electric alternatives to Morgan's EV3

Electric sports cars are nothing new and neither are three-wheeled versions.
12 October 2018

Mitsuoka transforms the MX-5 into a Rock Star

East meets West in one of the coolest retro designs ever.
12 October 2018

Motorclassica 2018: Bigger and better than ever

While the world's largest traditional motor shows (Frankfurt, Detroit, Paris) are in the throes of death by a thousand cuts, major classic car events remain in rude good health. And the increased scale of Motorclassica 2018 is a perfect case in point.
11 October 2018

John Cena's unloved Ford GT continues to play hot potato

And selling for a fifth time hasn't hurt the resale value.
11 October 2018

This driver walked away after his Mustang split in half

This won't be the first article to talk about the dangers of racing on the public road. And unfortunately, it won't be the last either.
9 October 2018

Time warp: This million dollar '64 Beetle has 37km on the clock

If one million US dollars sounds too expensive, even for a classic Beetle just wait until you hear the finer details.
9 October 2018

E-Type with the heart of a twin-turbo V10 snake

Why does America have an obsession with shoving big engines into British sports cars?
4 October 2018

Bathurst: the Falcon's memorable moments

The Falcon has a colourful Bathurst career and here are six of its best, which have stuck with Aussie motorsport fans.
3 October 2018

Forza Horizon 4: The Oversteer review

The Forza Horizon festival is back and this time around gamers are taken to the roads of the UK.
28 September 2018

The Forza road trip made of boyhood dreams

We've all played racing games such as Forza and wished we could experience it in real life.
28 September 2018

Restoration guru Brian Tanti says, 'Get on the tools'

Brian Tanti is nothing less than a car restoration and coach-building legend. For close to 30 years he's been responsible for the welfare of transport billionaire Lindsay Fox's amazing classic car collection.
26 September 2018

The Hennessey Goliath 6x6 may be the new pinnacle of automotive compensation

Hennessey has a new product for customers with more money than sense.