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6 August 2018

Check out Daniel Ricciardo's epic US road trip, in his F1 car!

What better way to fill in the F1 Summer break than to take a road trip.
6 August 2018

Remember that time van Gisbergen drifted SMP at night?

With Shane Van Gisbergen taking out the first Supercars' night race over the weekend, now is the perfect time to look back at when Red Bull Racing Australia drifted Sydney Motorsport Park in darkness.
3 August 2018

An up!date on @volkswagendown - servicing

Leaving your car to run 24,000km between services isn't advisable.
3 August 2018

Apparently, Prince Harry doesn't drive his RS6 much, so it's up for sale

Yes, really. This is Prince Harry's ride, for sale on AutoTrader, just like regular people's cars.
3 August 2018

What burnouts were like in the 1800s

Wooden wheels, can they do a burnout?
2 August 2018

Auction Royale: two of HM the Queen's actual Rolls-Royces up for grabs

Bonhams have just out-British'd themselves with the most spiffing auction listings, possibly ever.
27 July 2018

Here's an ultra-rare opportunity to get your hands on an R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nur

To some enthusiasts, this is ultimate car to ever wear the GT-R badge. Now's your chance to buy one.
23 July 2018

Sheriff claims 707hp Dodge Charger as a work expense

A sheriff in the American state of Georgia is in trouble with his bosses at the Department of Justice after buying a brand new Dodge Charger Hellcat using taxpayer funds!
23 July 2018

Ken Block kills his ex-WRC Escort Cosworth with fire!

Ken Block has had a day he would rather forget, destroying his genuine Group A ex-World Rally Championship Ford Escort.
22 July 2018

How NOT to avoid getting a Defect sticker in the '80s

In the '70s to '80s the scourge of every petrol head was the dreaded defect sticker - known colloquially as a "canary", due to its yellow colour. When one of these was slapped on your windscreen it could mean many weeks off the road (and dollars) to get rid of the darn things!
21 July 2018

Five future collectable cars from the '80s

Looking at the prices of Australian classic cars today, you would struggle to believe that less than 20 years ago they were available for about 25 per cent of their current market value.
20 July 2018

Going on holiday? Buy an old station wagon

Old photographs of Fords, Holdens and Chryslers packed to the brim for a holiday escape instantly provides many pleasurable and glorious memories for us all.
20 July 2018

The many faces of Nismo

Nissan's in house tuning company has fiddled with cars other than Skyline and GT-R.
19 July 2018

Best thing about a Phase III Falcon? You only get a $50 fine for speeding

It's the beginning of Bathurst weekend, Friday evening the 30th of September 1977 - just two days before the famous 1-2 finish.We arrived in my Jewel Green Falcon GT-HO Phase III and decided to drive around the town. Inevitably, we ended on top of the mountain before heading down Conrod straight. As you do.
19 July 2018

Robert and this Beetle were destined to be together

Some cars just seem to attract the right owner. This extraordinary survivor has had not one, but five owners, spanning over four decades who have all shared a common devotion to its preservation.
19 July 2018

This rare 265cid Charger almost rotted into oblivion

Parked by the sea in 1982, this 'Big Tank' E49 R/T Charger was left to rot. It wasn't until 2016 that Jamie Chapman finally got his hands on this one-of-21 built, 'Big Tank' Hemi-Orange muscle car.
18 July 2018

Thinking about buying your first classic car? Here's how

Buying a Survivor car is more affordable than most people would think. With many makes and models across all genres providing reasonably priced opportunities, now is the best time to buy your first Survivor Car.
18 July 2018

Rather than blow $29k, this guy DIYed his Veyron oil change

Everyone knows how expensive it is to maintain a supercar, but this is mind-boggling.