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15 May 2018

The Baja 500 is the race people love to booby trap

There are a few races like the upcoming Baja 500: a gruelling, 862km off-road rally that spears through two of Mexico's most barren deserts.
14 May 2018

OX Truck both in and out of the box

The OX, a revolutionary flat pack all-terrain truck conceived by prolific F1 designer Gordon Murray, has been commissioned for pre-production by Shell.
14 May 2018

Watch this Tesla Model 3 bug a Camaro on the track

Ever wondered how a run-of-the-mill Model 3 goes on the track? So have we.
14 May 2018

The oversteer podcast, ep. 28

Episode 28 - Demolition drag racing, XF vs XC70, & Project Brabham
14 May 2018

Making your dog look dapper might be the most Land Rover thing ever

If you're a true Land Rover fan, there's a good chance you'll like mud, cardigans, mourning the passing of the Defender, more mud, and taking your dog on a long walk through the moor.
11 May 2018

The Jewel, the Junk and the Beast: Lancia

When you mention Lancia, people will think one of two things: rust buckets or rally car monsters.
11 May 2018

Aston Martin's original Vantage V600 was a twin-supercharged monster

Aston Martin is bringing back the 'V600' nameplate on the special-edition V12 Vantage. But do you remember the original?
10 May 2018

Lotus is launching a new supercar, but who can forget this legendary Carlton?

You may have heard Lotus is planning an Espirit replacement for 2020.
10 May 2018

I went to a motorkhana to investigate Sydney's most affordable motorsport

For just the cost of a few smashed avos, you, too could be having this much fun.
9 May 2018

Flying man battles Corvette in the craziest race we've seen

So you're a world-class racing driver with five wins at the Le Mans 24-Hour race to your name.
8 May 2018

Are V8 hot rods too common? How about a Ferrari V12-powered Model T?

Two superchargers and 12 cylinders in a car from the 1910s, what madman created this?
4 May 2018

This is why Nico Rosberg retired at 31

Can you think of a better lifestyle than that of a retired F1 champion?
4 May 2018

Automatic transmissions were once lubricated with Sperm oil

If you drove a brand-new car back in the early 1970s, there's a good chance that its transmission was lubricated with Sperm oil.
4 May 2018

Demolition Drag Racing could be the most 'Murican thing ever

What screams freedom more than smashing cars together down a drag strip?
4 May 2018

Five Aussie supercars that put the Euros to shame

The Brabham BT62 is being built here in Australia but it isn't our first supercar.
4 May 2018

The oversteer podcast, ep 27

This week: Beijing Motor Show, Chery J1 & Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid
2 May 2018

Mad stuff from the Beijing motor show you might've missed

Are these Chinese cars you'd actually want to drive?
2 May 2018

Lambo supercars and a Brabham racer headline 'The Ultimate Classic Car Auction'

A collection of rare and desirable classic metal is set to go under the hammer in Sydney at the end of this month.