Toyota FT-86G beats Porsche

26 October 2010
, CarsGuide

The Toyota tromped the Porsche's Nurburgring time by a second with a lap time of 7:27s, and was just a second behind the best lap time of Nissan GT-R during the 24-hour Nurburgring race. And it all happened at the Australian International Motor Show.

The times were logged during an around-the-clock challenge on two racing simulators on Toyota’s show stand, where 30 drivers – mostly motoring writers, automotive and tech bloggers, and specialist gaming media – battled it out in two teams.

Former V8 touring car driver Neil Crompton took his Toyota FT-86G ‘Red’ team to victory, with the 24 hours of racing giving them just three minutes lead over the ‘White’ team of Motor magazine editor Andrew MacLean.

But McLean drove the fastest lap during the race with 7:27.36s lap - a time that would be respectable among the real-world production car laps, where the record is 6:48s.

The challenge was contested in Gran Turismo 5, on simulator pods featuring the Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel developed in collaboration with GT5 creators Polyphony Digital.

Nearly 140 Polyphony staff worked for around six months to create the Toyota FT86G in GT5, working behind the scenes before the real car was seen by the public.

Carsguide drove for the Red team, with editorial staffer Mitchell Oke completing a one-hour stint behind the wheel. "It was great fun even for a novice like me." Mitchell said. "The game doesn't coddle you too much either ... overcook it and you're straight off."

"When I sat down our team was leading by 2 minutes, and when I finished we were ahead a little bit more, but there were some far better drivers there."