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Lexus LF-Gh wins Car of the Show

Of the 28,000 public votes, 12.6 per cent were for the Lexus sports touring concept.

... at the recent Australian International Motor Show, held in Melbourne.

The concept, which debuts the latest iteration of Lexus' "L finesse" design philosophy, took out top honours from a list of 30-odd contenders, including rare supercars.

Of the 28,000 public votes, 12.6 per cent were for the Lexus sports touring concept, ahead of the second-placed BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept with 9 per cent and the Lamborghini Aventador in third place with 8.8 per cent.

Lexus Australia chief executive Tony Cramb says the award recognises a turning point in Lexus design.

"With LF-Gh, the Lexus design team wanted to captivate people's imagination with a vehicle that was bold and innovative, yet functional in true sports touring style - and they've certainly achieved that," Cramb says.

"With its bold spindle grille, flowing lines and unique hybrid driveline, the LF-Gh is definitely a Lexus of the future that customers of today want.

"The Car of the Show award also reinforces Lexus' long-held belief that hybrids can be more than just efficient. They can be stylish, powerful and, most of all, desirable," Cramb says.

The Lexus LF-Gh was a result of a 'clean sheet of paper' design exercise, which aimed to explore what the future of Lexus vehicle design could represent while still holding true to Lexus' unique "L finesse" design philosophy - first debuted on the current model GS sedan.

The team aimed to blend functionality, style, performance, efficiency and environmental compatibility in a premium, luxury sports sedan while leveraging advanced new technologies.

Careful attention to form and function was paid to every part of the vehicle's design, ensuring that design does not impede function - particularly in relation to aerodynamic efficiency.

The result is the LF-Gh concept, a hybrid-powered, rear-wheel drive vehicle that has a bold, wide stance and aggressive styling, combined with a unique new face for Lexus.