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Who are Australia's best drivers?

We find out which generation of Australian drivers are the best

Joyride | 25 Jun 2018 | 4 min read

When it comes to driving, we all think we're pretty good drivers. It's always the other guy that's the idiot behind the wheel, right? We decided to find out just which generation of Australian drivers is the best by using Hyundai's ingenious Auto Link to test them.

Auto Link is a smart phone app that links to the onboard computer of Hyundai i30 and Kona models to tell you, amongst other things, your fuel consumption, carbon emissions, how hard you brake and how hard you accelerate. We put a representative Millennial, Gen-Y, Gen-X and Baby Boomer behind the wheel, set them a challenge and let them loose in Sydney's unforgiving traffic to see just who does best. And to keep it interestesing, we asked each participant to drive for one of Hyundai's Help for Kids partners, with the winner landing $5,000 for their respective charity. No pressure!

Let the games begin. Contestants are introduced to their cars and their challenge

With all the contestants underway, we went onboard with Penne, mother of two, driving for Bear Cottage and Generation X to see how she'd manage a car full of balloons, some aggressive Sydney drivers and an unpredictable passenger named Richard.

The kids at Bear Cottage are having a party and Penne has a very important delivery to make

Next to lend a helping hand is Bodie. With all the patience of a...Millennial, Bodie is tasked with getting a cake (or cakes) to Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia in one piece. Sounds simple enough, except a 4 tiered selection of cupcakes and a heavy right foot conspire to make Bodie's challenge harder than it sounds.

Bodie completes his challenge, but only just

The irrepressible Krissie pulls on the driving gloves for Assistance Dogs Australia and the Baby Boomers to deliver some doggy treats to ADA. To keep things interesting, she gets some assistance from Xena, a trainee golden lab pup.

Krissie keeps it real and tests Auto Links hard braking function

Our final contestant is non-other than Richard Berry, CarsGuide's resident rev-head, who struggles to stay on task as he makes a very important delivery for Clown Doctors.

Richard loses focus and winds up on a race track

With the driving challenges complete, it comes time to tally up the Auto Link results and learn just which generation are Australia's best drivers and which Help for Kids partner wins the $5,000.

Richard announces the winner of the Hyundai Auto Link Challenge

Thanks to Hyundai, Bear Cottage, Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia, Assistance Dogs Australia and Clown Doctors for participating in the Hyundai Auto Link Challenge and helping find Australia's best generation of drivers.