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FAQs For Sellers

We have a range of advanced search options to assist you will your next car search. Using the advanced car search allows you to refine not only on the standard make, model, price, location searches. However further refine your search based on Post code, when advertised, fuel types, doors, seats and more.
Every 'Private Party' car for sale on has an enquiry control that will have an email address (and sometimes a phone number) available for you to reach out to the seller. To gain access to this contact information you will need to verify your phone number. Every 'Dealer' car for sale on has an email and phone number option to contact the seller. When phoning the dealer you will be prompted to enter the V-CODE, this simply identifies the car you are enquiring on to assist with starting a more meaningful conversation.
Carsguide provide you with options: Car Alerts - Tell us about the car you are looking for and we'll email you matching cars as they are listed.
Yes. You will need to create an account with Carsguide if you want to place an ad. This enables us to save your work, in case you’re not able to finish your ad in one session. It is also important for your own safety and security. Once you have created an account, you can use it to place as many ads as you like. Click here to create an account. You will only need to provide a valid email address and create a password. Your password has to be between 8-20 characters long and must contain at least 1 number. Please choose an email address you use frequently, as we will use this to send you tax invoices and other important information. We take your privacy seriously and will only send you information relevant to your ad.
Carsguide asks you to confirm your identity with a verification code – via your contact phone number or mobile number - as part of creating an advertisement. This process is part of our ongoing program to ensure your safety and security. This is part of a process to deter potential fraudsters and making selling and buying a car online safer. Please note: use the phone number that you will be available to receive enquiries from buyers about your car.
Yes you can change some of your details including your phone number by logging into your account and clicking on the Edit Profile link.   To change your email address you will need to contact customer service for assistance.
Forgetting your password is not a problem. Simply click on the “Forgot your password?” link on the login screen. Enter your email address that is attached to the Member Centre account you have created into the relevant field provided. We will then send you an email that contains a link that will take you to the reset password page. Please enter in all fields required to reset your password. After completing this step you will be able to login using your new password.
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Ads must be placed online at
The more information about your car you can put into your ad, the more effective your ad will be with any potential buyers, so don’t hold back. Before you even start filling out our form, make sure you have the following items ready: - A mobile or home phone to which we can send an SMS verification code for security purposes and/or to complete your payment. - A mobile or landline number to which we can send an SMS verification code for security verification. (For home phones a computer generated code will call your landline) - The year, make and model of your car, e.g. 2007 Nissan XTrail ST-L (you’ll find detailed information in your vehicles paperwork ) - Your vehicle registration (and if you can, your Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN) - Your current kilometre reading - Up to 20 digital photos of your car (from lots of different angles, both inside and outside)
Yes. You can include up to 20 photographs.  All photos must be a maximum 5MB in size and minimum 800x600 pixel width and height. 
Ad Health is displayed within your Ad Details, Analytics and Review screens. This is an indicator to assist you in improving your ad. It highlights how complete your ad is and provides tips on how to improve the sections of your ad including: details, photos and your description.
Clear, honest and thorough details about your car build trust. Be sure to take advantage of the space available (you have a maximum of 400 words) and include details about the interior and exterior condition that may not be visible in your photos. Add any optional extras or unique selling points. Avoid abbreviations and jargon that might make it hard for the reader to understand.
Once your ad has been approved it will appear on line within the hour. To have quick access to view your ad on the Autotrader website, you can log into the Manage Ads section and click on your ad. You will then see a View Live Ad button which will take you directly to your ad page.
Ads – An ad that has been submitted and is either in moderation by our customer service team (pending) or approved to go live on (listing ID number showing). Draft – An ad saved but yet to be completed and submitted. Removed – An ad no longer for sale and has been removed from by the owner, or an ad that has expired.
Go to the "Manage your ads" screen to change or update your ad. Log in with the email address you used to create your account and your chosen password. You will be able to view and select the particular ad you want to edit (most people will only have one ad to choose from). Please note: you cannot edit/change until it has been approved and is online. You will not be able to change the make and model of your car, or your verified contact details. You can however change description, add or edit photographs and select additional upgrade options. If you have successfully edited your advertisement a revised confirmation email will be sent to your email account. Until your ad is approved your original listing will be shown on To ensure your changes go live you must re-submit the advertisement – NOT just save & exit. We need to make sure that the ad still passes our quality assurance check. Your current ad will remain on the website until your edited ad is approved.
The details of your Ad you are able to change include Price, Odometer reading, photos & registration expiry. Details NOT able to be changed after an Ad is placed are Make, Model, Year, body type and Transmission.
You must be logged in to view the status of your ad. Once you've logged in, select “Manage your ads” from the navigation at the top of the screen. The "Manage your ads" page will show your draft and online advertisements, which will display the relevant status.
Your online ad will remain live on our site for 120 days. If you haven't closed your ad by this time we will automatically remove it at this point and notify you via email.
Go to the “Manage your ads” screen. Log in with the email address you used to create the account and your chosen password. The “Manage your ads” screen will list all your ads and their current status. To renew an ad, select the ad from the "Manage your ads" removed area and click "Relist".
Yes, once submitted your ad is submitted it will go into the quality assurance queue. Once our staff has made sure it’s not a fraudulent ad and that it meets our quality control standards, it will go online and you will receive an email notification alerting you to this.
All ads need to go through our quality assurance process so our staff can check to make sure they are not fraudulent. We’ll check your ad, and if it meets our standards, we’ll try to get it online by the next business day.
On the whole, selling a car online is an easy and safe process. But you should always beware of scammers who try to use the anonymous environment of the internet to rip people off. There are a few must do’s to ensure your safety – • Keep up to date with the latest information on fraud and scams by visiting the Carsguide Safety centre • Never send money, credit card details or your (bank) account details to anyone you do not know or trust. If it seems too good to be true – it usually is • If using Paypal – ensure the transaction/payment into your account is recorded is showing up in your actual (PayPal)account and not just confirm payment from receipts provided from buyer • Remember - is not related to any 3rd party escrow companies – no matter what the organisation says on their website or emails. If unsure please Contact us to triple check. • Contact us if you believe that you have been contacted by a fraudulent buyer