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Volvo V60 T6 R-Design 2011 Review

We ended up keeping this car longer and driving it further than anticipated which was a good thing for Volvo because we grew to really like it. If you're in the market for a premium sports wagon look no further because the T6 has all the bases covered.

Attractively priced with some great deals at the moment it's got what it takes to give the Germans a run for their money.


The T6 with the R Design goodies is the top of the line V60, complete with all-wheel drive and a turbocharged six cylinder engine. It looks fabulous, it's easy and comfortable to drive and offers the practicality of a wagon with plenty of performance to boot.

Priced from $72,150 it is well equipped in standard form and is an attractive proposition for those shoping European ie. Benz, BMW or Audi.


All cutting edge. All wheel drive is standard. The 3.0-litre T6 turbocharged petrol engine pumps out 224kW of power and 440Nm of torque. 0-100 km/h takes 6.2 seconds and the top speed is electronically limited to 250km/h. Fuel consumption is 10.3 litres/100km (we were getting 10.6).

Power is delivered to all-four wheels through a second-generation Geartronic six-speed automatic, as opposed to the double clutch transmission in the T5. New valves and lower friction mean faster gearchanges than before.


Volvo has managed to find a look all of its own. The V60 is a newcomer to the popular mid-size segment. While it retains the key elements that make it a Volvo (cross-braced grille and largish ail lights) function seems to have accommodated form this time around because it has lost that awkwardness exhibited by previous models. The overall effect is a sleeker, faster looking, more desirable motor car.


Gets a full five stars for safety. The T6 is also all-wheel drive for sure-footted handling. And our test vehicle was also optioned with the Driver Support Pack which adds Adaptive cruise, lane departure waring and blind spot awareness. We're sold on adaptive cruise and blind spot awareness - but lane departure is more of an annoyance than anything else - together though they're $4990.


We clocked up more than 1200km in this car over the recent long weekend. It's a comfortable tourer, for both front and rear seat passengers. Adaptive cruiser is ideal for heavy traffic where it keeps a safe distance between you and the car in front, with no need to touch the brakes.

The T6 is fitted with sports suspension and larger 18 inch wheels and rubber. The ride is not as harash as we remember and there's plenty of pickup for overtaking, but at 1800kg it's no sports car. Think easy, relaxed effortless performance and you're nearer the mark.


A great looking car for a great price. Volvo has really got its act together and the cars look and go a lot better. The tough question is chosing between the economical T5 or hard htting T6 - but one things for sure we'd take the R Design kit every time.


Price: from $72,150
Warranty: 3-years/unlimited km, roadside assist
Resale: n/a
Service interval: 15,000km/12 months
Safety: 5-star Euro NCAP
Engine: 6-cyl turbo-petrol, 224kW/440Nm
Body: 5-door wagon
Weight: from 1804kg
Transmission: 6-speed auto, AWD
Thirst: 10.3L/100km, 98 RON, CO2 247g/km (3-litre).

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