The 2019 Toyota RAV4 range is the first from the brand to combine the practicality of an SUV with a broad range of hybrid models - in fact, of the 11 variants in the RAV4 2019 line-up, six of them are hybrid.

The hybrid powertrain used sets a new benchmark for petrol efficiency in the mid-sized SUV segment, and yet it doesn’t run short on grunt - based on the engine specs.

The hybrid range is powered by a 2.5-litre petrol-electric drivetrain that teams a four-cylinder Atkinson Cycle engine (with 131kW and 221Nm) to an 88kW/202Nm electric motor. The total combined power output is 160kW for the 2WD. The figure jumps to 163kW for the AWD, which gets an additional on-demand 40kW/121Nm electric motor at the rear axle. As is Toyota’s way, there’s no combined torque figure. All hybrid models run a CVT automatic transmission as standard. 

Fuel use for the 2WD hybrid is 4.7L/100km, while the AWD uses a claimed 4.8L/100km - undeniably impressive.

The RAV4 Hybrid isn’t just one model - you can choose it across a range of price points and spec levels. Click here for a full detailed rundown on the Toyota RAV4 2019 pricing and specs - but here’s the price list for the hybrid versions.

The most affordable version is the GX 2WD, which has a list price of $35,140. Adding AWD to the equation pushes the price to $38,140 for the GX AWD. 

The next-model-up GXL variant is available with 2WD at $38,140, while the GXL AWD is $41,140. 

The luxury-focused Cruiser model is available with 2WD at $41,640, and the range-topping Cruiser AWD is $44,640. All prices are before on-road costs.