It seems the only thing as unbreakable as the HiLux is Toyota's herculean grip on Australia's new vehicle car market. Familiarity and trust in the brand, along with solid resale values and unwavering customer loyalty, are sizeable factors in the Japanese giant's continued dominance.

And those same qualities, along with the peace-of-mind that comes with the support of a vast dealer network in regional and rural areas, contribute to the HiLux's endless reign as the nation's top-selling ute.

Several rivals now offer more powerful engines, more turbochargers, more gears in their auto transmissions, superior unladen ride quality, larger cabins and more user-friendly multimedia hardware.

Even so, the HiLux holds its ground because it's a formidable all-rounder, with benchmark load-carrying and off-road ability plus a large number of variants designed to fulfil every need.

These include the popular mid-range SR and SR5 models which have recently received some 2019 upgrades in styling, fuel economy and emissions equipment. We put the latest SR to the test to see how it compares with its ever-increasing competition.