Want an SUV because you like the idea of sitting a bit higher in traffic but don't need a four-wheel drive off-roader? It has to be small, as well, right? Affordable, too? And have a confusing name, yeah? Then the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross Turbo could be the little SUV for you.

'Could be'  because the S-Cross Turbo is not the only small, affordable two-wheel drive out there – Honda's HR-V, Toyota's C-HR and Hyundai's Kona are pretty darn good.

And that's why this review is here, to help you decide if the S-Cross makes the cut in your search for the best small SUV (for you).

Also, forget about the SX4 part of the name. Let's just call it the S-Cross Turbo, because even Suzuki does. I'll explain later.

You may also have some questions about the Turbo part of the name, such as: does this mean it's the fast one, or is it an overpowered beast? I'll get to that, too.