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Skoda Octavia TSi wagon 2009 review

We'd only just gotten some wheel-time in the old Skoda Octavia when the new one appeared. Some driving in the outgoing Octavia and its Scout sibling and we had come away impressed - particularly the latter, which was a good all-rounder.

The first taste of the new-look car is an Octavia TSI DSG petrol wagon. The looks from the front are more mainstream, something its predecessor had a crack at but didn't quite achieve.

The loadbox over the rear axle isn't exactly inspired by a Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce derriere - hearse-like design is perhaps a little more apt. But from inside the car you don't have to look at it and if you didn't look aft you probably wouldn't have any sense of being in a load-lugger.

It's a light and easy car to drive, with the little direct-injection powerplant giving plenty once it's overcome a combination of the DSG and turbo hesitations — something that is still a problem for the VW group and others opting for double-clutchers — but there's been plenty of improvement.

Clever induction and turbocharging provide 118kW of power from 4500 to 6200rpm, but there's also a good spread of torque on offer between 1500 and 4500 — 250Nm, which delivers decent in-gear acceleration as well. The only bugbear is that it prefers to drink 98RON premium unleaded, but it sips it a fairly frugal rate — we got 8.7l/100km, not too far away from the 6.7l/100km that the car is rated at for the Australian Design Rules.

There are some clever storage features in the centre console and the boot — while it's not the car's best angle — offers good storage capacity as well. Pitch a pram, belt a bag and sling a suitcase in the back and there's still enough room — a trip home for the airport after an extended absence required three large suitcases, one smaller one, plus other assorted bags and a stroller were slotted into the wagon.

Cabin space is enough to accommodate four adults in comfort, or mum, dad and three offspring will fit without any issues — although the territorial arguments in the rear will probably still be heard.

The TSi is a front-wheel driver but has stability control and six airbags — dual front, side and curtains for front and rear passengers.

Style gurus will probably look for form over function in this market, but those with even a hint of practical leaning (and any sort of budgetary limits) should have the new Octavia on the shopping list. Near the top.


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1.6 1.6L, ULP, 5 SP MAN $4,100 – 6,710 2009 Skoda Octavia 2009 1.6 Pricing and Specs
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Stuart Martin
Contributing Journalist


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