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Peugeot RCZ 2013 review


Peugeot's Audi TT clone, the RCZ has been rejuvenated with a new look and slight spec' adjustment and remains an eminently desirable car to own, drive and look at.


Available in 1.6 turbo petrol manual and auto, and a 2.0-litre turbo diesel all for the one price of $58,990, the sexy Pug undercuts Audi's entry TT 1.8 coupe by some $6500.

Better still is the fact that there are no options or option packs to gouge your wallet. It's the way cars should be sold - fully equipped and that's it.

The 'new' one has a more aggressive look to its face and flanks due to a new grille and bumper, selective use of highlight paints and matt black roof arches instead of a bright aluminium finish.

It scores a set of striking 19-inch alloys, LED driving lights, active bixenon headlights with remote height adjustment and pop-up satnav inside. Other than that's it's pretty much the same as before.

Interior decor is to luxury sports level with leather, a flat bottom wheel, multiple wheel controls by satellite stalks and a classy dash design with easy to use buttons and a premium audio system. The active rear spoiler remains as does the double bubble roof and rear glass.


We got hold of the manual 1.6-litre turbo petrol with 147kW/275Nm output. The same engine is used in numerous vehicles from Peugeot, BMW and Mini. It's one of the best small capacity four cylinder petrol units around right now offering strong, flexible performance, reasonably good fuel economy at 6.9-litres/100km and super smooth running. But we can't figure out why the six-speed auto is down tuned to a measly 115kW.

Driver assist features include front and rear park assist, hill hold, cruise control with speed limiter, speed sensing power steering, electric seat adjust and auto headlights and wipers. None of the latest 'interventionist' driver assist functions are available such as lane keeping, radar cruise and auto brake. Safety is five star with all that entails - air bags, stability control and so forth.


We took the RCZ for a good long drive over a week and really enjoyed the experience. It is a glamorous looking thing, better this time around though we still like the arcing silver roof rails on the first model.The engine is a pearl, not super powerful but with enough get go to put a smile on your face.

The manual change is sweet and the car's drive feel the same - sweeeeet. It has a pleasing exhaust burble but is quiet on a steady throttle. There are seats for four inside though you'd want to be of small stature to get into the rear ones. In the front seats, the RCZ is sumptuous.

Dynamics are sharp and controlled. It sits flat as a tack no matter how fast you push through corners and the steering tells you precisely what's going on up front. Ride quality is near perfect - not too firm, not too soft.


We really like the RCZ and don't really know why more haven't been sold. They are simply not on the radar.  That may change when the RCZ-R arrives here later this year with a potent 200kW engine up front. Can't wait.

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1.6T 1.6L, PULP, 6 SP MAN $17,710 – 22,440 2013 Peugeot Rcz 2013 1.6T Pricing and Specs
2.0 HDi 2.0L, Diesel, 6 SP MAN $17,710 – 22,440 2013 Peugeot Rcz 2013 2.0 HDi Pricing and Specs
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