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Peugeot 207 2010 Review

With its distinctive design, full-length sunroof and 438L for luggage, the Outdoor HDI Touring makes a very useful little hatch

It's all very well presenting punters with a niche model - vive la difference and all that - "rationale'" French brands more or less rely on in this market. The problem for this particular Peugeot is that its "niche'' is getting very crowded.

The 207 is an amiable, if not especially engaging, hatchback. With its enhanced size and "offroad-inspired'' grey protective panels, the latest variant - the Outdoor HDI Touring - is a very useful diesel hatch/wagon.

It's pretty neat in a Gallic way: distinctive design, full-length sunroof and 438 litres for luggage (1433 back seats down), more than ample for a basket of baguettes and several crates of Cotes du Rhone.


The Outdoor's 1.6-litre turbo diesel is a willing 80kW/240Nm but throbbing unit matched to the non-choice of a five-speed manual, a match that would be happier still were its action not so typically Pugly: rubbery and long-throw. There's a four-speed automatic petrol alternative, but it's diesel-addicted, manual-able Euro families for whom this bebe was envisaged. With 5L/100km possible in combined conditions, that's no surprise.


There's little relief in ride and road noise, though handling (via numb steering) is adequate for the type and likely owner's intent. They may be less taken with the tinny sound of its doors shutting, an underwhelming interior (no steering-wheel buttons is a bit '90s in a $30K car) and an ambience the Koreans are surpassing.

Yes, the Koreans. At least two are crowding the Outdoor: the closely related Hyundai i30 CW and Kia Soul - both with 1.6-litre diesels, as it happens. And knocking with Germanic assertiveness on the door (even though it's made in Mexico) is Volkswagen's Golf wagon, an expanded version of the class-leading hatch.

As singularly, and in some respects endearingly, French as the Pug is (for the faithful, that's the point) these three competitors offer automated transmissions: an old-world but effective four-speed torque converter auto in the case of the Koreans, a state-of-the-art, seven-speed, twin-clutch DSG in the VeeWee.

I came to like this 207 over the course of our 400km acquaintance, thought it a decent device for the urban family, but was always conscious that its niche is getting bigger and its competitors cleverer.

Outdoor, mini-people mover, urban utility vehicle, soft-roader, compact wagon - call 'em what you will, there's a whole segment derived from hatchbacks. All offer elegant solutions for the urbanite who wants the hatch's fuel economy and ease of manoeuvre, but who needs a little more - whether it's extra seats, a more versatile load space, all-wheel drive or an elevated driving position.

Even Mini is getting in on the enhanced-hatch thing with its first four-door version, the Countryman, due 2011.

For now, there are hatch-derived people-movers (Citroen C4 Picasso, Renault Grand Scenic, Volkswagen Caddy Life); wagons (Golf, the 207 Outdoor, Hyundai i30 CW, the outgoing Skoda Roomster); shopping trolleys that resemble SUVs (Kia Soul, Toyota Rukus); and an SUV that looks a bit like a wagon (BMW X1).


Kia Soul: from $20,990
Hyundai i30cw: from $21,890
VW Golf wagon: from $26,990
Toyota Rukus: from $27,490
VW Caddy Life: $35,990
Renault Grand Scenic: $41,990
BMW X1: from $45,700
Citroen C4 Picasso: $45,990


Price: from $27,990
Safety: six airbags, ESP, anti-skid brakes
Engines: 1.6-litre petrol or turbodiesel
Output: 88kw/160Nm (petrol), 80kw/240Nm (diesel)
Economy: 6.4/7.3L/100km
Emissions: 130/173g/km

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