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Nissan 350Z Review 2007

Selfish, aggressive and true to its heritage. That's the updated 350Z, the latest in a long line of sports cars from Nissan.

Nostalgia is re-written in the same confined cabin, stretched footwells, low amidship seats and the same "where does it finish” bonnet.

And the engine sounds a little like the original gravelly straight six, even though it's the latest V6.

The Z earns full marks for engine punch and flexibility, traction and grip, pin-sharp steering, rapid and precise gear shift.

But, it's not so inviting when it comes to road noise and poor visibility.

There are two versions; the Touring, at $62,990 (auto $64,990) and the Track, at $67,990 (auto $69,990).

The soft-top roadster is $73,990 (auto $75,990.

Equipment in the Touring includes front, side and curtain airbags, traction control, leather trim, climate control, Bose sound system, heated seats and cruise control but no stability control.

The extra $5000 for the Track versions buys Brembo brakes, a body kit, stability control and wider and lower profile tyres, 225/45 (front) and 245/45 (rear) on 18-inch alloys.

The same wheels and Bridgestone Potenza tyres are now fitted to the more compliant Touring, which used to have 17-inch wheels.

Styling is largely unchanged, apart from a bulge in the bonnet.

Most of the changes are in the upgraded 3.5-litre engine, which produces 230kW (up 9kW) and 358Nm of torque (up 5Nm).

Improved low to mid-range torque comes from a combination of a dual air intake, a wider operating band for the variable valve timing and lower exhaust back-pressure.

At the same time, the engine revs to a 500rpm higher peak of 7500rpm.

And although it weighs a hefty 1460kg, acceleration is strong and effortless, reaching 100km/h in 6.5 seconds.

Gearing in the six-speed manual is well spaced and decisive in the five-speed automatic, which comes with a sporty downshift mode.

The chassis is heavily braced front and rear and stiffly sprung.

Handling is balanced, with accurate turn-in and excellent grip, front and rear.

Storage is provided in bins between and behind the seats but luggage space is restricted by the rear body brace and the high floor, which covers a space-saver spare.



Make: Nissan

Model: 350Z

COST: from $62,990


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