Malcolm Flynn road tests and reviews the Mercedes-Benz GLC 220d with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC has been the most welcome addition to the Australian Mercedes line-up for as far as we can remember, with the three-pointed star waiting a whole generation to build their answer to the hugely successful Audi Q5

Internationally, Merc was right on the money with the previous GLK that arrived in 2008, but left-hand drive-only production handed the growing demand for mid-size luxury SUVs to the Q5, BMW X3 and more recently the Lexus NX

Unsurprisingly, Australia has scrambled for the proudly right-hand drive GLC since it arrived on our shores in late 2015, due to its combination of C-Class-based excellence and practical five-seat SUV body

Another cornerstone of its appeal is the ability to put the coveted Mercedes badge at the end of your bonnet for not much more than the Audi or BMW

Sitting at the most affordable end of the GLC’s three-tier line-up is the 220d, which for $65,990, is within a couple of healthy tax returns from a top-spec mainstream mid-size SUV. 

We spent a week getting to know the 220d to see if it really feels a whole generation ahead of the Q5, and whether it packs enough luxury to live up to our expectations of the brand. 

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