Remember when, if you wanted the very best technology a car company had to offer, you’d have to spring for the most expensive model in the line-up?

In the case of Mercedes-Benz, that meant shelling out for a six-figure S-Class; the brand’s technology leader since forever, and the model that would debut all the cool new features that would eventually sprinkle down to the lesser cars in the range.

Think of it as the automotive equivalent of trickle-down economics, then. Only in the world of cars, the cheaper vehicles would actually benefit, eventually.

But the new A-Class sedan takes that age-old strategy and turns it on its head.

Here is the cheapest model in the Benz range (though the sedan will be a little more expensive than the even cheaper hatch), and yet it offers more interior technology than any other car in the German brand’s line-up, debuting new stuff that is yet to appear anywhere else in the range.