Richard Berry road tests and reviews the new Land Rover Discovery Sport Si4 SE with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.

Land Rover only builds SUVs. Not cars or motorbikes, too and not guitars or lawn movers on the side. There’s something comforting about that fact, in the same way it’s reassuring to know the new mattress you’ve just bought is made by a company that just concentrates on crafting things to sleep on and not dabbling in pet food, as well. 

Land Rover’s line-up is simple: there’s the Range Rover (the big fat one), Range Rover Sport (the big quick one), Range Rover Evoque (the Victoria Beckham one), Discovery (the one which was really boxy but isn’t as much now), the Discovery Sport (a mini Discovery) and the Defender (looks like it's from 1953). 

The updated Discovery Sport came out mid-way through 2016 and we’ve tested the Si4 SE variant which is the base grade with a petrol engine.

So does it pay to buy an SUV from a company that only does SUVs? Is the Land Rover Discovery Sport any more special, capable or better than rivals such as a BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC? What makes it different from a Discovery?