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Mercedes-Benz B200 2008 Review

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The B200 is part of a range that Mercedes Benz hope will fill the role of the classic all-rounder.

From school-run taxi to prestigious business vehicle, the German carmaker says the possibilities for the car are endless.


The unique feature of the B-Class exterior design is its wedge-shaped front section and dominant grill. The long, sweeping arched roof line, large sloping windscreen, flared wheel arches housing 16 inch alloys, and short overhangs, create the sporty look that wasn’t seen as much in earlier versions.

The wider track and longer wheel base aim to give the new B-Class a sleeker, more aerodynamic appearance.


With a simple and fresh interior in the B200, it carries on the modern approach Mercedes-Benz is taking into the future with their latest range of vehicles.

There is potential for plenty of space with a folding rear seat with a 1/3:2/3 split and a 544 litre boot. Add to that driver and passenger seat storage boxes plus front and rear cup holders.

The dash is intuitive and controls a range of features including a Harman/Kardon LOGIC7® surround sound system with six disc CD changer and a Thermatic climate control system.

The multi-function steering wheel controls the trip computer, vehicle settings, audio, optional UHI telephone preparation and cruise control with Speedtronic variable speed limiter.


Powering the B200 is a 100kW, two litre, in-line four-cylinder petrol engine, with a decent 185 Nm. A five speed manual gets power to the wheels.

The turbo variant adds another 42kW with 280 Nm and comes as a six speed manual or with the optional Autotronic CVT system.


 Acceleration Skid Control, Brake Assist, ESP, ABS and a full airbag package comes as standard in the B200.

Mercedes Benz’s Steer Control helps the driver to avoid a collision by identifying potentially hazardous situations. When swerving, the system helps to stabilise the vehicle by administering additional force on the steering wheel.


The standard B200 starts at $45, 500 and you can get the Turbo version from $52, 100.


Pincott says

The B-Class could be a handy little vehicle for buyers who don’t want a SUV or people carrier, but occasionally need something with more luggage space than a sedan boot.

The four-cylinder engine is up to most tasks, but - in the absence of a load of cargo - we stacked it with four large adults and found it was straining to do the job on steep hills. If you’re the kind to lose patience with this, better head for the Turbo version with its extra power and torque.

Mercedes calls the B-Class a compact sport tourer, but there’s little sporty about it. However, it’s not unpleasant to drive, is quiet and economical and generally handles well. It’s simply that it doesn’t inspire any kind of affection.

VERDICT: 6.7/10

Halligan says

When I told my wife I was testing a B-Class Merc, she asked "is that that ugly one". I didn't know if she thought it was the A or the B but I was confidently able to respond simply with "yes".

But looks aside, it was nice and it was good. Which is basically the description you would give to the plain but academically talented girl in the front row of your class that struggles to find friends.

It’s smooth, it’s comfortable, it’s quiet. It’s a little under powered but not unsafely so. It's good at what it does, but then again the Kia Rondo we tested a couple of weeks ago didn't feel much different.

Perhaps the Merc’s steering wheel did - it was leather - but the dynamics where quite close. The Kia also has a neat folding third row of seats which the B-Class doesn't and I suspect would be important for a lot of people buying into this class of vehicle.

The kids where certainly ho-hum about it.. My wife thought it was nice and not half as ugly in Metallic Burgundy as the white one she’d previously seen. She actually liked it, she liked the Rondo too. I asked which she preferred to which she replied, what's the price difference? I told her the prices and her answer was the Kia.

We’re both Merc fans, but these days a badge is no longer enough. Things have changed. The gap between the Merc and other cheaper brands in this sector is not wide enough.

Buy the Rondo and push Merc back out of this sector.

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