The third-generation i30's SR version was a very, very good warm hatch. I drove one last year and the house's hardest marker, my wife, remarked how good it was to drive.

Strong engine, good chassis and steering we both quite liked. "If we have to buy a car," she said seriously, "We should get one of these." This is not something I hear often.

With the roaring success of Hyundai's long-awaited i30 N, the new branding has made its way into the range as an option for the keener driver.

If you don't want to drop $43,000+ on the manual-only crackly-poppy hot hatch, you can now have a little bit of N magic further down the range.

It's not an original idea, nor is it a new one, but Australians do seem to like it in their German cars, so Hyundai gave it a lash.