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Honda Civic DTi-S 2013 review: long term 2

We have settled in with the Civic diesel (i-DTEC) five door hatch now and are really appreciating its strengths.

We have settled in with the Civic diesel (i-DTEC) five door hatch now and are really appreciating its strengths.


At $26,990, the Civic diesel is a value buy considering what you get. The reversing camera is really handy and a big safety asset in a car that already achieves a five star crash rating for occupant protection. And they have fitted active noise cancelling utilising the Civic's audio system to mute potential diesel rumblings. Works too.

Engine and transmission

The 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine with a variable nozzle system achieves 88kW/300Nm output driving through a six speed manual. It has excellent overall performance and will rarely be caught out unless too high a gear is selected. The transmission is a new design, small and light and capable of taking the high torque of the diesel donk.


Honda implemented its "Earth Dream" technology in Civic diesel which is aimed at reducing the car's impact on the planet. It gets auto stop start, Econ mode that actively alters a number of powertrain and ancillary functions for economy as well as having Eco Assist that helps the driver achieve the best possible fuel economy.

Standard equipment is generous and includes cruise control with speed limiter, dual zone climate control, Bluetooth audio and phone, LED daytime driving lights, multi info display, rain sensing wipers and auto headlights, hill start assist and multimedia connectivity. It's about as well equipped as a Civic can be.


Our current fuel average is registering 4.2-litres/100km which is astonishing in mixed city and highway driving. It beats a hybrid petrol car hands down and as a bonus, the hybrid wouldn't see which way the Civic diesel went in performance terms.

We have used the car in a practical sense with the rear seats folded forming a van for carrying lots of stuff. The relevant point here is the "Magic Seat" folding system which simplifies the whole action to one lever pull. Brilliant. And the space provided is large with a flat floor.

Loading is further facilitated by the large tailgate and lowish load height. We think the front seats sit a bit high but they are adjustable through a reasonable range of positions. And they are firm but comfortable.

The styling -- well that's subjective and some of us like the look of the Civic, some don't. But you have got to love a car capable of such good fuel economy, especially with the amount of get-go Civic diesel delivers.


Well built and equipped, with excellent fuel economy.

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