The creation of a desert racing-inspired performance version of the T6 Ranger in 2018 was a logical development, given that Ford first built a similar derivative of the F-150 for the US market in 2010.

The Americans called it the Raptor, and, given Steven Spielberg’s steroid-fed interpretation of this fearsome predator in Jurassic Park, it certainly lived up to the name, with its tougher frame, pumped-out mudguards, supple long-travel suspension and the bite of some big petrol V8s (and now a 335kW twin-turbo 3.5 litre V6 with 10-speed auto).

Our Ranger Raptor is smaller in all key dimensions, including the engine, but like the US version is designed to be driven over vast terrain at speeds much higher than you would normally expect to travel. However, unless you had to cross the Simpson before the pub closed, this capability would rarely be required by Aussies venturing far beyond the beaten track.

And it’s in this more relevant-to-Australia context that we approached our recent test of the US-inspired Ranger Raptor, specifically to see what it’s like to live with as a weekday worker and weekend escape machine.