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Ford Falcon 1993 review

The updated Ford Longreach - a ute in sheep's clothing...

The first signs that the XR6 ute is anything but ordinary are the four round headlights, 38cm alloy wheels shod with 205/65 Michelin tyres and flesh colored front bumper. Inside, the agricultural style has been upgraded with body-hugging sports seats, a tachometer, and a four-speaker sound system. But the biggest difference is under the bonnet.

Here you find the highoutput version of Falcon's four-litre straight-six engine, pumping out more than 200 horsepower and enough torque to pull out that legendary stump. The engine provides V8-style performance, thanks to the people at Ford's partner Tickford Vehicle Engineering who have revised the alloy cylinder head to help it breathe better.

Tickford modified the overhead camshaft and installed a new engine-management program to monitor and control the sequential multipoint fuelinjection system for optimum performance and economy. A "low back pressure" exhaust system reduces gas velocity losses and further improves performance.

Delivery of power is exceptionally smooth and, in the test car, was transferred to the road by a five-speed manual gearbox with a 3.45:1 limited slip differential. Tickford has lowered the ute 34mm at the front and 16mm at the rear to give it a more aggressive stance and to improve the feel of the car.

Springs have been revised to make them almost 20 per cent stiffer at the front and 10 per cent softer at the rear. Large capacity, revalved Monroe shockers are fitted all around and the front anti-roll bar has been refitted with urethane bushings.

The four 15-inch alloy wheels have disc brakes with high- performance pads for great stopping power. All the changes come together in an adrenalinpumping rush on the road: this is the fastest Falcon ute.

But the biggest rush comes when you start throwing the rear around, not too difficult a task with very little weight over the back wheels. As a workhorse, the rear will probably be tied down a little with heavy tools or 40-gallon drums. The load capacity is 799kg, almost 90kg more than the Holden Commodore ute, while the towing capacity is a class-leading 2100kg. How I envy the owners who can explore the XR6 ute's potential on their farms.

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