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Citroen DS4 2012 Review

Looks like a coupe but actually has two "part-time" rear doors with fixed window glass.

We turn the spotlight on the car world's newest and brightest stars as we ask the questions to which you want the answers. But there's only one question that really needs answering  would you buy one?

What is it?

The second in Citroen's line of gorgeous sporty models. Looks like a coupe but actually has two "part-time" rear doors with fixed window glass.

How much?

$39,900 and that's the problem. For the same money you could have a WRX or Golf GTI or for a bit more Renault's superb Megane RS250 or Mini Cooper S for a bit more again.

What are competitors?

Any of the the aforementioned.

What's under the bonnet?

A 1.6-litre turbocharged four cylinder petrol engine. In fact, it's the same turbo that powers the Cooper S, with 147kW of power and 275Nm of torque.

How does it go?

Six-speed manual only. If you want an auto then you're stuck with the 115kW engine instead. Strong mid-range performance, but it's a little slow off the line, with 0-100km/h taking 8.5 seconds.

Is it economical?

Takes more expensive 95RON premium unleaded. Rated at 6.4 litres/100km, we were getting 7.7 litres after about 300km.

Is it green?

Yes. Scores 4.5 out of 5 stars from the Govt's Green Vehicle Guide, with CO2 emissions of 149g/km.

Is it safe?

No rating from Australian NCAP but Euro NCAP gives it five stars. Blind spot warning is standard.

Is it comfortable?

The leather-trimmed sports seats are a work of art. They're heated and have an in-built massage function. Rear legroom is tight and the interior a little noisy for our liking, depending on road surface.

What's it like to drive?

Fun and fairly lively on boost, with gearing which keeps it in the power zone. Positively surreal at night with its huge windscreen and instruments blacked (there's a button to do this). Doesn't cope well with broken surfaces. Front wheels scrabble for traction and some backlash through the steering wheel.

Is it value for money?

Yes. Nothing to spend. Has some unique touches too, like the huge windscreen, the ability to change the colour of the dials and instruments and the obvious attention to detail not to mention the

massage seats. There's plenty of room in the boot too, although it hides a puncture repair kit instead of a spare.

Would we buy one?

It's appealing, that's for sure. Looks terrific, goes hard and has some extremely cool features. The 19 inch wheels are a work of art  but ultimately the DS4 falls short of the mark if measured purely in terms of performance ie. you can do better for less.

Citroen DS4 D-Sport
Price: from $39,990
Engine: 1.6-litre 4-cyl turbocharged 147kW/275Nm
Transmission: 6-speed manual, FWD
Thirst: 6.5L/100km; 149g Co2 per km

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