A fun wildlife fact for you: the Indian rhinoceros, all 2100kg of it, can reach a blistering 55km/h when sprinting. And that is very fast. Quick enough, in fact, to leave even Usain Bolt in its dust, with the world’s fastest man capable of a mere 44.72km/h, even at his record-breaking fastest.

It must be a hell of thing, watching that big and bulky beast clip its top speed. Scarcely believable, even. Which, after climbing out of BMW’s M850i xDrive coupe, is a feeling I’m now very familiar with.

After all, here is a car that tips the scales at a whopping 1965kg, and stretches almost five metres in length and two metres in width, and yet is capable of the kind of scorching acceleration once reserved for the pointiest end of the supercar world.

How quick, you ask? Try 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds. Ferrari’s GTC4Lusso T? That’ll take 3.5 seconds. So the M850i is in some pretty serious company.

But is there more to this beastly BMW than a whopping great engine?