Audi's Q5 mid-size SUV has been a remarkable success in this country. It's hard to believe the unadorned original landed here in Australia almost 10 years ago, with a fresh face, VW Group underpinnings and a job to do - luring people who couldn't afford, or just didn't want the giant bruiser Q7 into an Audi SUV.

It hardly seems possible that we're only just into the model's second-generation. The roads are awash with the first one, which included the spectacular SQ5, a 3.0-llitre V6 turbodiesel that can give some hot hatches a run for their money.

Explore the 2017 Audi Q5 Range

Today, we're starting at the other end of the Q5 range, though, with the entry level Design, a diesel-only starter kit that probably won't find a lot of buyers but might tempt a few people out of higher-end Japanese rivals and even some lower-end Germans.