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Subaru Liberty 2.5i Premium 2016 review: Top 5 reasons to buy video

The Subaru Liberty commands the type of loyalty that makes the most faithful dog sitting by his master's grave look like a lightweight.

Despite the mid-size sedan dying a slow death at the hands of SUVs, buyers keep coming for the Liberty. Here are the top five reasons we think you might want to buy the Subaru Liberty 2.5i Premium.

1. The EyeSight system

Subaru's Eyesight system is standard on all automatic Libertys, which includes active cruise control, pre-collision assistance, tells you when the car in front has moved and basically beeps at you if you're going to crash. The Premium gets a little extra in the form of lane change assist and blind spot monitoring.

2. The boot

There's a lot of space for passengers in the Liberty but the really big news is down the back. The boot on the Liberty is gigantic at 493 litres. It's a good size and shape, too, meaning you can properly pack things in and if you need more space, you can drop the seats and get a lot more.

3. All-wheel drive

Subaru has made a big deal of all-wheel drive and the Liberty has got it. It gives you tons of grip wet or dry and also means you can deal with gravel, mud and grass. It makes a huge difference and it's worth the small weight and overall fuel economy penalty - 7.3L/100km. Its competitions official figures are about a litre or so lower.

4. The quality

Subarus haven't always been particularly well built or trimmed but the sixth generation Liberty is a revelation, particularly after the ugly, plasticky fifth generation. The paint is good, everything fits properly and there's no more squeaking. As it should be.

5. Everything is standard

Everything on this car is standard, right down to the metallic paint that the Europeans have the cheek to charge you a couple of thousand bucks for. There's LED headlights, lots of speakers, the bigger 7-inch touchscreen (the non-Premium has 6.2-inches), satnav and leather.


The CVT is good but a proper auto would be better, the front seats are lumpy and flat and the Eyesight can get a bit frantic, although it's better than it used to be. It also doesn't drive as well as the competition and what's with no parking sensors as standard when there's rear cross traffic alert?

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At a glance

Price from: $35,990 plus on-roads
Warranty: 3yr/unlimited km
Capped servicing: $2202.11 for three years
Service interval: 6 months/12,500km
Safety: 5 stars
Engine: 2.5-litre, four-cylinder boxer petrol, 129kW/235Nm
Transmission: CVT auto, AWD
Thirst: 7.3L/100km
Dimensions: 4795mm (L), 1840mm (W), 1500mm (H), 2750mm (WB)
Weight: 1542kg
Spare: Full-size alloy