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Ford Everest Trend 2016 review: Top 5 reasons to buy video

The Ford Everest is a large seven-seater SUV that first went on sale in 2015. There’s three trim levels to choose from, ranging from the base-spec Everest for $54,990 and topping out with the Titanium for $76,990. The mid-range Trend is $60,990 and below are our top five reasons to buy it.

#1 Tough off-roader

The Everest is based on Ford’s Ranger ute and like that vehicle it has a body that sits on a ladder frame and this provides exceptional strength when negotiating tough terrain. This rigidity and a full-time four-wheel drive system with makes the Everest a capable off-roader.

Ford also used Australia’s Simpson Desert as a test bed for much of the Everest’s development.

The four-wheel drive system has four driving modes: Normal; Snow, Gravel, Grass; Sand and Rock.

The Everest has one of the highest water wading depth in the class at 800mm. Ground clearance is 225mm while the approach angle is 29 degrees and departure angle is 25 degrees.

#2 Strong Engine

The Everest is powered by a 3.2-litre five-cylinder turbodiesel engine and when combined with the six-speed automatic transmission drinks fuel at 8.5L/100km.

This is the same engine found in the Ranger ute, but produces a tad less power in the Everest with 147kW but the same decent amount of torque at 470Nm from 1750 revs.

#3 Practical Interior

The cabin in the Everest is beyond spacious – it’s massive. There’s plenty of head and legroom in the second row, while the third row is also properly usable by adults. When not in use those rear seats fold flat to give you a boot space of 1050 litres.

Storage is excellent throughout the cabin with plenty of cupholders, pockets and bins for your gear.

Lighting and air vents extend right through to the third row.

#4 High level of safety

Safety is major strength of the Everest. It has a five star ANCAP crash test safety rating, and the usual collection of protection such as ABS, EBD, traction and stability control, plus seven airbags.

There are also advanced safety systems not normally found on a vehicle of this type, such as the lane keeping system which will steer the SUV back into its lane if you stray off course, and adaptive cruise control with auto braking.

#5 Cool technology

Sure this is only the mid-spec Everest, but it comes with cool tech features in the cabin. There’s the eight-inch screen and digital radio, which while not brand-new technology is typically featured on more premium cars. Then there's the Everest’s wi-fi capability – which allows phones within the cabin to pair, and also lets the SUV connect to public wi-fi too.


Some people might find the Everest's large size could prove challenging in narrow city streets and when parking. Another drawback is that the Everest doesn't respond or handle as well as a 'soft roader' SUV on the road, but this is the small price you have to pay for a vehicle that is extremely capable off the road.

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How do you think the Everest compares to its ute-based rivals? Tell us in the comments below.

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