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Land Rover Range Rover Sport TDV6 SE 2015 review

Peter Barnwell road tets and reviews the Range Rover Sport TDV6 SE with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.

Range Rover Sport has been a huge success because it offers all the kudos, style, looks, capability, prestige and luxury feel of its big brother Range Rover at a substantial saving. 

Look at the Sport and it appears just like a Range Rover, despite being on a different, smaller platform.

Who cares? The Sport is an excellent vehicle to drive, ride in and look at and if you can save up to $80 grand or more what's not to like?


We got hold of the $102,400 TDV6 SE - one up from the entry level S model. You get a 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel engine and eight speed auto transmission, single (high) range four-wheel drive, leather, premium audio, heaps of luxury and safety kit and a decent range of driver assist stuff.

It's a tempting package if you are shopping in this price range - for anything.

Engine / Transmission

The thing is, this engine is the "low" output version rated at 190kW/600Nm. There's another V6 diesel with more of everything, but that's essentially unnecessary.

The big 2.1-tonne Sport TDV6 really gets up and boogies when you need it - away from a stop, roll on or at higher speeds. No wonder they call it a Sport.

The engine runs smooth as silk, and so quietly you forget it's a diesel. Fuel economy is impressive for such a big 5 or 7 seat SUV rated at 7.3L/100km.

And it has an 80-litre tank which means an extended touring range.

The powertrain is optimised by the Sport's eight speed, quick shifting automatic transmission which never misses a beat. Shifts up or down are virtually imperceptible and there's a paddle shift system if you want to take personal control.

It has grace, pace and is eminently practical


In terms of kit, the Sport SE gets plenty but a whole raft of options and option packs are available if leather, premium audio, electric seat adjustment, auto wipers and headlights, full digital connectivity, reversing camera and voice control aren't enough for you.

Of course, the Sport has Land Rover's signature Terrain Response system with multiple modes selected by a console mounted dial.

It also gets engine stop/start to save a few bucks on fuel in city driving.

If you want to tow your boat, the Sport TDV6 SE can handle up to 3.5 tonnes and we reckon it's 'for real'.

Styled along Land Rover family lines, the Sport has a robust, boxy, imposing stance that aids interior room as well as being easy on the eye.

Inside is just as imposing, in a lounge sort of way. There is oodles of room and everything seems big - bigger than you get used to in lesser vehicles. The steering wheel for example has not one but two integrated dial/button controllers, one a side.

The dash forms a large sweep from one side of the vehicle to the other. It's super stylish and can be tailored within reason to include some really funky features including bright coloured fascia and leather.

Shop it against any of the Germans and you'll be pleasantly surprised


But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and in this regard the all wheel drive Sport won't disappoint. Take it anywhere you like and you are sure to get there, though the lack of low range might be an issue in really tough, muddy driving.

It has grace, pace and is eminently practical. Comfort levels are high and you arrive with minimal stress.

It has super strong performance and handles as well as the better sporty SUVs on the market right now.

The Sport rides on electronically controlled air suspension that gives impressive dynamics, at once supple and comfortable but also controlled and predictable should you encounter a corner.

The big Sport just hauls around with pretty much no body roll while still isolating any road irregularities. This is all backed up by strong brakes and large 19-inch tyres.


The Sport is impressive, and this is nowhere near the top of the range. Not so big you can't park it at the shopping centre. Excellent economy, stylish, high quality. Shop it against any of the Germans and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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