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Hyundai i40 Tourer CRDI Premium 2012 review

The i40 has a distinct European flavour thanks in part being designed in Germany.

There's basically only one thing we don't like about the Hyundai i40 Premium diesel wagon and that's the hokey chimes it plays when you switch off the ignition or turn it on after getting in the car. It's tacky. But as for the rest, the car itself is a cracker - albeit at the top of the scale in the i40 wagon range.


This is the top of the tree Premium diesel i40 selling for $46,490 which puts this medium size wagon in some exalted and bigger company. You can get a Holden Sportswagon SV6 for similar money or a diesel Skoda Superb Ambiente wagon.

But we reckon you get more for your dosh with the i40 as the Premium model is crammed with practical, luxury and safety goodies to say nothing of the exceptionally frugal 1.7-litre turbodiesel mated to a six-speed auto.

Design and equipment

Though following the current Hyundai design language, the i40 has a distinct European flavour thanks in part being designed in Germany. It is a handsome looking car from all angles and definitely stands out in a crowd - inside and out. 

It pretty much ticks all the boxes in terms of specs although it has crazy LED front daytime running lights that really stand out to the point of rendering headlight use for safety in the day unnecessary. It has decent audio, satnav, plenty of luxury kit and a stylish dash greet front seat passengers. 

Everyone notices the i40 on the road from the front, and the sides and the rear - it's a stand-out looker, especially for a wagon. People don't know what it is thinking it's something out of Europe but that's OK because it puts plenty of similar size cars to shame in the style department. 

And it's practical. The five seater test car has a load restraint system that adjusts to suit different cargo holding it firmly in place. Easy to use too. The load space is a decent size expandable to large proportions by folding the rear seats -a simple operation that can be done by kids if necessary.

Engine and mechanical

The 1.7-litre turbodiesel is a willing worker kicking out some 100kW/320Nm in an unobtrusive manner. Some noise is audible under full acceleration but it's nearly silent in cruise mode. 

Fuel economy is and excellent 6.0-litres/100km which is good for a car this size and weight - 1659kg. Performance is strong, particularly around the 2-3000rpm mark. The paddle shift is easy to use and effective. Hyundai's six speed auto is smooth and well suited to the 1.7 turbodiesel engine.


The i40 scores a five star crash rating and as such, boasts a bevy of safety equipment including multiple air bags and stability control. The test car has security tint on the rear side windows and at the rear. It keeps out prying eyes and hot sun.


We like the drive experience too especially the roll-on acceleration readily accessible and also the smoothness at all engine revs. It's uncanny to be whizzing along the freeway at 110kmh with about 1800rpm ticking over on the rev counter. The i40 engine is relaxed and frugal with a mere 6.0-litre/100km average showing on the trip computer. 

That translates into a range of up around 1000km without trying too hard. The memory drivers seat is handy and the leather interior is comfortable and looks classy. 


Little room for criticism that we can see. It's the best Hyundai yet.

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