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Land Rover Discovery 3 SE 2005 review

And space is what you notice when stepping into the Land Rover Discovery 3. It's much roomier than the previous model.

Drive it on and off road, and it's hard to argue with the judges who have named it as winner of a stack of 4WD awards.

My frequent passenger is not fully into the pleasures of four-wheel driving and her usual comments are "Do we have to go up there?" or "Careful, I don't want us to get bogged."

This time, however, when circumstances forced me to stop and take off with front wheels in soft sand and back wheels in wet sand even I had fingers mentally crossed.

There was an uncanny silence from the passenger seat.

Unfussed, the Disco simply drove away.

I remarked on the escape and Frequent Passenger bestowed a great compliment on the Discovery 3: "I don't think this would get bogged anywhere; I wasn't a bit worried."

We'd also driven it over some bumps and ridges. Bracing for the jarring through the cabin proved unnecessary.

The Disco 3 glides over such offroad challenges.

On test was the Discovery SE with the four-litre V6 petrol engine ($65,650).

It comes standard with air suspension which is cross-connected.

Air displaced by the upward movement of an air spring is transferred to the spring on the opposite side forcing it down, to help level the vehicle.

A V6 turbocharged diesel engine gets the rave reviews and the Disco can also be ordered with a V8 petrol motor.

The V6 petrol as tested drank premium unleaded at 15.9 litres/100km during a week of driving, which included suburban and 4WD use.

The twin seats of the third row can be used by most adults and fold neatly away for a flat floor, there are plenty of bottle holders and stowage compartments, dual-zone climate control, excellent traction control and stability control systems and rear parking sensors.

Small Torque

Air tight

LAND Rover's air suspension is adjusted by a centre console control. It lowers the vehicle for passengers to get in and out or to negotiate low-roofed car parks. Or it can raise the body up to 240mm for off-road work.

Terrain station

A ROTARY knob allows the driver to set the Discovery for five conditions: normal road use, grass/snow/gravel, rutted muddy tracks, sand and finally rock-crawling. It delivers the most suitable mapping of the engine management system, gear changes, ride height, dynamic stability control, traction control, hill descent control and differential locks. High and low range also can be selected from a centre console control and the electric "handbrake" is a fingertip lever, too.

Nice specs

The four-litre V6 petrol engine generates 160kW of power at 4500rpm plus 360Nm torque at 3000rpm. It can tow up to 3500kg and wade through 700mm of water.

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