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Your next car could be powered by this electricity-generating tyre tech

Sumitomo’s new in-tyre technology can harvest the static electricity generated by tyre deformation.

Tyre-specialist Sumitomo Rubber Industries has teamed up with Kansai University to develop new-generation rubber that can harness electricity while vehicles are on the move.

Those hoping the system can recharge the batteries of an electric vehicle (EV) however, may be disappointed to learn that the energy generated will only be sufficient to power vehicle sub-systems such as a tyre pressure monitor.

According to Sumitomo, the system harvests static electric, “which is formed each time a tyre’s footprint deforms as it rotates along the road” and is embedded within the tyre between the rubber and wheel.

Sumitomo is also hoping the emerging technology will mean more digital tools can be used without the need for batteries, possibly taking the load off dedicated electric motors to extend emissions-free driving range.

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