World's smallest car in Sydney

19 October 2012
, News Local

The world's smallest car can park nearly anywhere it likes. The midget motor is so compact that about 12 of the cars fit in a normal parking space.

Around North Sydney, the car has been attracting curious glances and much mirth. "We've had a funny reaction to the car - people see it and burst out laughing," The Classic Throttle Shop at North Sydney owner Rory Johnston said.

"It's a real novelty but it could be the car of the future, who knows?" Mr Johnston said the car is so small that you could literally drive it into the office (the car fits into a lift). If the car breaks down, two men can carry it home.

The Classic Throttle Shop is selling three of the cars on consignment. They are reproductions of the original Peel P50 manufactured in the 1960s by Peel Engineering on the Isle of Man, and are powered by an electric motor.

More recently, the Peel P50 was made famous by Jeremy Clarkson when he drove it on the set of the television show Top Gear. "The car has great novelty value. Maybe someone will buy it who wants something a little eccentric to drive it around their place or their office."