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Why your next new Ford is about to get cheaper: Blue Oval's plan to lower car costs

Your next Ford could be a whole lot more affordable.

Ford has revealed its plans to lower the cost of your next new car, with the brand's US CEO Jim Hackett telling media the trend of vehicles getting more expensive would end "fairly soon".

Speaking to US outlet Autonews, the Ford boss said that his brand would focus on removing things customers don't need or use, and that technology was making it easier to identify exactly what those features are.

"I'm really optimistic that the paradigm of everything just getting more expensive is actually going to get disrupted. Fairly soon, actually," he told the publication.

"We're beginning to look at things that customers don't use at all. We can actually tell what they're not even interacting with inside the vehicle and take content out."

It's understood Mr Hackett is referring to things like CD players, garage door openers and even navigation, with the brand to consider stripping superfluous features from its vehicles to lower the sticker price. The idea is that, as customers become more reliant on their smartphones, car features that do the same thing are no longer required.

It's not yet known what the impact of such a move would have in Australia, but any push to lower the purchase price of new cars will surely be well received.