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Where is Australia's hardcore HiLux? New Toyota HiLux GR Sport invades Europe with "rally-inspired performance", but local ute lovers asked to wait

Even Europe is getting a hardcore HiLux GR Sport.

Australia is world-renowned for our love of dual-cab utes, but when it comes to Toyota's first hardcore HiLux, we're going to have a wait a little longer for our version of the HiLux GR Sport.

Toyota in Australia says it's "excited" about the many GR Sport branded HiLux models that have been revealed around the world, but says it has nothing to announce about when a hardcore HiLux might make its way to Australia.

Described as the "pinnacle" of the range - though not quite so extreme as the Ford Ranger Raptor - the new HiLux GR Sport dials up the performance and responsiveness, with a focus both on on-road performance and on adventure.

To get it, Toyota has fitted new monotube shock absorbers and new front springs, promising the "dedicated suspension enhancements deliver an even more rewarding driving experience, with increased control, responsiveness and grip feel."

"The monotube design creates a larger piston area to give better damping performance, with faster response and better heat dissipation. It also helps maintain the performance quality of the oil inside the unit when driving in tough conditions," the brand says.

"The front coil springs have been stiffened and...compared to the standard HiLux, these changes deliver significant improvements in handling characteristics, including steering effort and steering angle response, straight-line performance, a flat ride and reassuring roll and rear grip feel."

Under the hood lives an unchanged (after the recent update) version of Toyota's 500Nm, 2.8-litre diesel donk, while a new-look front end, a sportier interior treatment and sport front seats fill out the GR Sport brief.

But while Thailand, Japan and now Europe have unveiled GR Sport versions of the HiLux, Toyota in Australia is yet to confirm the model for our market. And unlike the GR HiLux, no trademarks have appeared Down Under either.

For now, you'll have to watch this space.