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Watch out, Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux! Tesla is thinking about a smaller electric dual-cab ute

The production Cybertruck will be about the same size as the concept shown here.

If you thought Tesla would stop at the Cybertruck full-size pick-up, think again. Indeed, the electric vehicle (EV) specialist has hinted that a smaller dual-cab ute could also be on the way.

As reported, Tesla boss Elon Musk announced via Twitter last month the production Cybertruck would be about three per cent smaller than the concept, but he has since backtracked from that statement twice.

During a television interview with comedian Jay Leno that aired last week, Mr Musk said the production Cybertruck would actually be five per cent smaller than the concept, as “it’s got to fit in a normal garage”.

Since then, though, he confirmed via Twitter the Cybertruck design has been reviewed yet again, with the conclusion being “even three per cent smaller is too small”, so the production model “will be pretty much (concept) size”.

However, Mr Musk signed off his tweet by adding: “We’ll probably do a smaller, tight-world truck at some point.”

While this is not confirmation of a Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux rival, it does suggest Tesla is at least considering such a model for buyers who find the Cybertruck too large, especially those outside of North America, where full-size pick-ups are all the rage.

Certainly, a sub-Cybertruck model would be better received in Australia and other markets, where mid-size utes are going from strength to strength, especially in dual-cab configuration.