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Walkinshaw supercharger packs | new car sales price

The W457 kit boosts 6.0-litre Commodores to 457kW, while the W497 kit boosts 6.2-litre HSVs to 497kW.

Walkinshaw has just raised the Australian performance bar with the launch of two supercharged W Series packages for the  6.0-litre Holden VF Commodores and 6.2-litre Gen-F HSVs. Both costing $18,990 fitted, the packages are named for their power outputs.

The W457 package for the 6.0-litre VF Commodore V8s will deliver 457kW at 5600rpm and 780Nm at 3700rpm -- a massive 187-197kW and 250-253Nm rise,  with the torque peak also arriving 700rpm earlier.

The W497 package for LS3 6.2-litre Gen-F HSVs gives you 497kW at 5560rpm and 955Nm at 3690rpm. Again, that's a considerable 157-180kW and 385-405Nm benefit over the standard models: the 317kW/550Nm Clubsport, 325kW/550Nm Maloo and 340kW/570Nm Grange and Senator Signature.

Goodies in the packages include a WP230 supercharger package, large high flow injectors, Eaton Twin Vortices 2300 Series (TVS) Gen VI rotors, water to air intercooler package, custom moulded heater hoses, cast aluminium coil covers, unique Walkinshaw Performance injection moulded cold air intake package, heavy duty serpentine belt drive system, 12” long intake runners, custom moulded intercooler hoses, self-contained oil system, full stainless steel exhaust system -- including ceramic coated headers and high flow catalytic converters.

You'll also get a full dyno tune from an authorised Walkinshaw Performance Centre, W Series Certificate of Authenticity and Vehicle Identification, and full drive line warranty for the balance of the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty for eligible vehicles.

Walkinshaw Performance general manager Tony Harris described the force-fed kits as the peak of local engineering and design.

"The W Series has already seen the naturally aspirated W310 and W375 packages which offer terrific performance and value for money that we have developed thanks to the outstanding base vehicles -- the VF SS Commodore and the Gen-F HSV," he said. "Today we take another step with the W457 and W497 packages. These packages represent the pinnacle of Australian automotive design and engineering capabilities.

"On power figures alone it's impressive, but as we always say; drivability is the number one goal and we believe that these W Series twins are exceedingly well mannered in this key area. That said, it's hard to hide the performance results and these cars are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of every motoring enthusiast."

"Back in 2004, the 297kw VZ ClubSport was rightly heralded as a significant development for HSV. At the time a journalist said it was "ferocious off the line" and that it brought "high-end performance within easier reach of more people". We see these packages offering similar- and yet so much more.”

This reporter is on Twitter: @KarlaPincott

Watch Walkinshaw's W457 and W497 video here.