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Volvo a modern way of thinking

Craig Spence and Gina Carmody were among the Sydney singles who took part in Australia's first “test drive dating” event.

Because sometimes that's all it takes to make a sale, particularly in the highly competitive world of stylish Euros.

In what is being described as a world first, 20 Sydney singles were last month invited to participate in Australia's first “test drive dating” event.

Guests were chauffeur driven to a Volvo dealership (in a Volvo of course) where they were given eight minutes in the front seat of a car to meet their perfect match.

We don't know whether the lusty guys and gals were allowed to keep their hats on or for that matter whether they were asked to keep the top down (our picture shows a convertible?)

But in the end it was an interesting way to get to know like-minded members of the opposite sex, as well as to get up close and personal with some of the company's gorgeous Swedish models.

Staged in conjunction with dating specialists Fast Impressions, it represents something of a break with tradition for Volvo which has built its reputation on making safe but some might say boring family transport.

Volvo has been chasing a younger demographic with the release last year of its decidedly younger (and cheaper) C30 hatchback.

After it was over, participants were transferred to one of Sydney's top bars where they continued to party with hundreds of other singles at an exclusive event hosted by Fast Impressions.

In context, we thought Blacktown drive-in might have been a more appropriate venue?

“To the best of our knowledge this is a world-first,” Volvo Australia's marketing director Matt Braid said.

“It gives us an opportunity to create a buzz around the brand by promoting our cars in an unconventional way.”

Two of the participants in the Volvo dating event were Craig Spence, 32, and Gina Carmody, 29 (pictured).

Carmody didn't know much about cars beforehand, but said her attitude to cars had changed as a result of her unusual dating venture.

“Talking about Volvo was a good way to get the conversation going," Spence said.

Volvo Australia and Fast Impressions are considering whether to expand the Test Drive Dating concept to more locations in and around Sydney and Melbourne in the near future.