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Volkswagen sports car

It was expected the BlueSport would be a shared car for Volkswagen and Porsche.

Its resurrection comes after partner in the BlueSport concept program, Porsche, publicly dropped plans to build the car. It was expected the BlueSport would be a shared car for Volkswagen and Porsche, using a modified Boxster platform and a Volkswagen Group four-cylinder engine.

Volkswagen was the lead partner in the car's development but Porsche wrested control in 2010. But the car has been handed back to Volkswagen as Porsche busies itself with its next volume car, the small SUV code-named Macan.

Carsguide interviewed Volkswagen's head of engineering - and father of the BlueSport concept - Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, at the 2012 Geneva motor show who confirmed the BlueSport project is still alive. "I am working on it,'' says Dr Hackenberg. "I drove it. But I don't have the agreement of the company that we will build it.''

Dr Hackenberg says the car has to be profitable and believes it needs volumes of  "about 50,000'' a year to justify production. "Porsche has the Boxster based on the 911's systems, but I think they are (currently) not looking for a smaller one,'' he says.

Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller also told a news site in Porsche’s hometown, Stuttgart, that Porsche has no immediate plans to develop a smaller version of its four-door Panamera sedan, though he indicated that such a model could become an option in five or six years. But it will start building a fifth model, the Macan compact SUV, next year.