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Volkswagen rules out Amarok EV: New Ford Ranger twin won't be electrified

Volkswagen rules out Amarok EV

Volkswagen is on an electrification blitz, with world's biggest car company confirming its plan to offer an EV in every segment it currently occupies by 2025.

Every segment, that is, except the Amarok's, with an electrified powertrain ruled out for the brand's workhorse.

That's the word from VW’s Chief Operating Officer, Ralf Brandstatter, who told CarsGuide that the planned electrification of the Volkswagen family between now and 2025 wouldn’t include the Amarok.

The decision not only impacts the current vehicle, but also the new Amarok, built in partnership with the Ford Ranger and not expected to arrive until 2022.

That joint-venture, announced at the Detroit Motor Show, would also suggest the Ford Ranger won't receive an electrified powertrain either.

"Before 2025, we will bring in 20 models on this MEB platform. With these 20 models we will cover all segments we're in today,” Mr Brandstatter says.

“At the moment, this type of car (the Amarok) is not planned to electrify.”

The decision puts both Ford and VW at odds with their dual-cab rivals, with Toyota having confirming the HiLux has an electrified future. Likewise, the new Mitsubishi Triton and Nissan Navara, themselves sharing a platform and engines, will receive hybrid powertrains.