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V12 coffee machine gives a serious caffeine hit

Coffee and cars just somehow go together perfectly -- and we're not just talking about the next season of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, due to launch on January 2. However we may have found the perfect coffee machine for his show: a precision engineered masterpiece crafted using materials and processes more usually seen in the skunkworks of Forumla 1 teams.

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The Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio V12 is designed to resemble a half-scale F1 engine, and is made from race-ready materials like titanium, aluminium and stainless steel. Priced at 9000 pounds ($16,500) only 500 of this model will be created. But if you miss out on one of these, you might go for the V10 or V8 versions, or their counterparts in the Serie Carbonio Nero black carbon-fibre model lines.

Like the Titanio V12, they're assembled from more than 90 precision components machined from solid billets, and must conform to tolerances within a tenth of a millimetre. Tungsten and argon welding is used to create features like the aviation-spec titanium exhaust pipes -- which deliver the coffee into stainless steel 'piston' cups' -- while anodising and hand polishing add colour and shine.

The pipes get an 18-hour stint in a zirconium ball-polisher to create a mirror finish, and the tips are blued with heat to echo the discolouration of racing exhausts.

Precision manufactured, with over 90 machined components in a high-tech facility using solid billets of high-grade aerospace alloys, similar to those used in contemporary Grand Prix engines.

The coffee works include an internal tank joined to a high-pressure pump feeding a heat exchanger that passes boiling water through the pipes into the head, resulting in 22 bar pressure to pump out the perfect shot.

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