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Usain Bolt drives Ferrari 458 Italia

Usain Bolt with the Ferrari 599 Fiorano and 458 Italia

Usain Bolt is used to spending his days at a track, but for once he is not the fastest thing there. The current 100m and 200m world-record holder spent some time at Ferrari's Fiorano test track in Maranello, Italy, as both passenger and driver of the 599 GTB Fiorano and 458 Italia.

Ferrari test drivers Dario Benuzzi and Raffaele De Simone took the wheel first, before handing the keys to Bolt for some laps and lessons on car control.

"It’s a little bit like me, very reactive and determined!" Usain Bolt says, having stepped out of the 458 Italia. “I was really scared, but it was a good scare. I’m excited like a child.” he says.

Usain Bolt is not new to driving fast cars. Major sponsor Puma provided Bolt with a new BMW M3 Coupe, which he crashed in April 2009 when driving on a wet highway. The crash rolled the BMW several times, but Bolt escaped with only minor injuries.