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Toyota's massive GR Corolla hint: New fire-breathing hot hatch is coming, and Toyota wants you to crack the secret code

Toyota's massive GR Corolla hint!

Toyota's social media team in the USA has already been responsible for some of the biggest GR Corolla hints to date, but they've just outdone themselves with an Instagram post that invites you to crack the secret code surrounding the brand's incoming Hyundai i30 N and Golf GTI rival.

Simply captioned "keep them guessing", the post – at first glance – appears to be a pretty standard promotional shot of a Corolla cabin, but when you dig a little deeper its secret meaning becomes clearer.

First, though, look at the pic above this story? There's at least five secret elements to it. Pause here for a moment and see if you can spot them.

Done? Right, let's list them off in order of most to least obvious.

What appears to be a GR Corolla is tearing up the dirt in the background

I don't know how it took us so long to spot this, but just outside the passenger window lurks a camouflage-wrapped Toyota tearing it up. It could be the GR Yaris, of course, but the camouflage would suggest Toyota is at least hinting that its the soon-to-be-revealed GR Corolla.

The code "G:16" is stamped on the driver's binnacle

This is the only part of the image that looks a little crudely done, and the result of some quick photoshopping. G:16, of course, is the engine code for the 1.6-litre, three-cylinder powerplant that lives inside the GR Yaris, and which will also be used for the GR Corolla.

The navigation screen reads GR Four

Yep, in the picture, the vehicle in question is apparently parked on GR Four road, which is a clear nod to Toyota's sport-focused all-wheel-drive system (named GR Four) as well as to the moniker attached to the GR Yaris prototype, which was named the GR4.

The climate is set to 2 and 68

At first glance, 68 degrees Fahrenheit (which is 20 degrees Celsius) is a pretty normal cabin temp to select, but when you add the "2" from the left dial, you just happen to get to the exact output, in horsepower, of the GR Yaris, which hints that the GR Corolla will get the same level of grunt - 200kW in our money. Whether this one is a tip of or not remains to be seen, as the Japanese reports now point to the GR Corolla getting a power boost, with the Rally edition to fire out a whopping 224kW – or 300hp.

The odometer is set to 601.6

Coincidence? Perhaps. But the fact the GR Corolla will be fitted with a six-speed manual and a 1.6-litre engine seems a little too convenient.

The speedo climbs to 160mph

Now this could be very good news. The GR Yaris has a top speed of 230km/h, or 143mph. But if the rumours of a power boost are true, they would likely come with an increase to the top speed, possibly to 160mph, which would be around 255km/h.