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Toyota's hydrogen-fuelled Back to the Future reunion

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox reunite to see how hydrogen fuel for the Toyota Mirai is made.

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the Back to the Future franchise is Mr Fusion. Sure, we all know about the DeLorean with its flux capacitor, and today it's been impossible to avoid talk of Jaws 19, the lack of flying cars and "why don't we have hoverboards yet?".

The Mr Fusion Home Energy Rector is, however, often forgotten, but is another piece of the film that is a little closer to reality than self-tieing sneakers.

In the film, Mr Fusion converts garbage into energy to power the DeLorean's time circuits and flux capacitor, enabling Christopher Lloyd's Doc Brown and Michael J Fox's Marty McFly to time travel.

In reality, Toyota is using garbage to create hydrogen; the fuel used by the Mirai.

The Mirai is Toyota's first mass-produced hydrogen-powered car, and has recently arrived in Australia (although you can't buy one).

Hydrogen-powered cars replace petrol or diesel with - surprise - hydrogen, which is converted into electricity to power the car's electric motor, with water the only by-product of the conversion.

In the video, Fox and Lloyd walk through the process of creating hydrogen, with plenty of subtle and not-so-subtle nods and winks to the sci-fi classic accompanied by Alan Silvestri's soaring score and Back in Time, Huey Lewis's forgotten hit.