Toyota Tundra converted for Australia

4 November 2011
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Toyota Tundra converted for Australia
The Double Cab is claimed to offer more room than Japanese dual cabs.

... convert the machines for local roads. Performax has for more than 20 years time converted left-hand drive American machinery - Corvettes, Camaros and Chevrolet Silverados among them. Now the Gympie crowd are to add the Tundra to the list, promoted by growing interest in the Texas-built utes.

"Over the past year or so we have experienced an ever-increasing amount of enquiries in regards to the Toyota Tundra," says Performax sales manager, Kevin Thoroughgood.

"We have responded accordingly. We're currently completing R&D and hope to have compliance by the end of the year."

Performax will focus mainly on the 5.7 litre V8 4x4 Double Cab, or what we know as an Extended Cab, and the 4x4 Crewmax Limited. These put out 280kW and 544Nm of torque enough to tow up to 4717kg.

The Toyotas sit almost two metres high and six metres long on a 3700mm wheelbase with 260mm ground clearance.

Thorough good says customers can special order vehicles or, if importing other models into Australia themselves. "We will be able to provide them with sourcing and shipping assistance and will be authorized to convert their vehicle to RHD with full compliance."

The Double, or Extended, Cab is claimed to offer more room than Japanese dual cabs while the Crew Max is bigger again and includes a 'slide-and-recline' rear seat.

The 2011 Tundras run with a trailer-sway control system, stability control system and automatic limited slip differential. There's front, side and curtain airbags plus options from Bluetooth connectivity to reversing camera and 'Power Thigh Support'.

Queensland ute racer and Grove Juice boss Greg Willis already has a Tundra for work and play. He's fitted a bit of ARB gear including a lift kit, imported some US accessories, re-tyred it and supercharged the V8 with a TRD blower.

Willis has explored the Birdsville corner with four adults aboard, says the Tundra was a dream. "And it's just fun to drive every day."