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Toyota teases Back to the Future reunion

October 21, 2015 was going to be just another spring day. That was until November 1989 when Back to the Future Part II hit cinemas.

In the time-travelling romp, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) leave 1985 behind, heading 30 years into the future to stop McFly's son going to prison. Hilarity and further temporal hijinx ensue.

So, with the future on the verge of becoming the present, Toyota has brought Marty and Doc - well, Fox and Lloyd - together again to tease what appears to be a Back to the Future reunion centred around the futuristic Mirai hydrogen-powered car, destined for sale in the US shortly.

In the teaser, Lloyd and Fox sit in a diner, discussing which futuristic tech from the film has already come to pass, and which hasn't.

Fingerprint readers and 3D movies we have. Self-tying shoes and dog-walking robots not so much.

Fax machines? Lloyd still has one to "fax the people I fax", much to Fox's disbelief.

How it will all tie together with the Mirai - which is Toyota's first mass-produced hydrogen car - is something we'll find out about in the future...