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Toyota recalls 22,000 Land Cruisers, 14,000 in Australia

2013 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series double cab chassis.

The recall involves LandCruiser 70 Series wagon, troop carrier, single and double cab chassis models fitted with ABS brakes, and the notice cites a defect in the flexible brake hose bracket on the front differential. Under certain conditions, this bracket could fracture around the securing bolt and break, resulting in brake fluid leaking and a loss of braking ability.

If the problem occurs, the lack of braking power could increase the risk of collision. However Toyota Australia spokesman Mike Breen says there has been only one incident reported locally, but with no injuries.

He says owners of the affected LandCruisers -- estimated to be about 22,000 around the world and 14,000 in Australia -- should take their vehicles to a Toyota dealership to have them inspected. "Not all of the LandCruisers will be affected, but some will need to have the bracket and hose replaced if needed.

The recall affects Toyota LandCruiser VDJ7# models  built between May 2012 through to March 2014. The VIN range covers the following: JTE EV73J# 00008761 - 00010163; JTE RV71J# 00005989 - 00006736; JTE RV73J# 09001428 - 09001708; JTE BV71J# 04000001 - 04005420; JTE LV71J# 00028750 - 00033096; and JTE LV73J# 09010556 - 09014211. The VIN number for your vehicle is located on the build plate in the engine bay.