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Toyota Prius C convertible concept revealed

Toyota will display three concept cars based on the Prius C (called the Aqua in Japan) at the Tokyo Motor Show. A drop top Aqua Air concept and a crossover Aqua Cross concept will join the sporty Aqua G concept, all based on the Toyota hybrid hero.

The Aqua air appears to retain accommodation for four or five, but with a sportier interior than the standard Prius C. Red accents jazz up the interior, with deeper cushions hinting at a sportier ride.

This could bring the Aqua Air in line with the Aqua G concept, which uses sports suspension, 17” alloys and other dynamic and visual enhancements. However none of these upgrades are confirmed on the open-top concept, with full details expected to be revealed at the show later today.

All three concepts are likely to use the standard Prius C 1.5-litre engine mated to an electric motor, delivering 74kW in total. A CVT-like automatic continually varies the amount of electric and petrol power from both power plants to the front wheels.

Aqua Cross’s taller suspension and plastic cladding protecting the undercarriage suggest it could be all wheel drive.

The Aqua G is likely destined for production, at least in Japan, where its bigger sibling (Prius) is already available in a very sharp sports guise. However there are no plans to take the convertible or soft-roader version to the showrooms yet. But with Toyota keen to inject more fun and personality into its line-up, the two concept cars could well be gauging interest before a production go-ahead.