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Toyota full Super Bowl ad

Toyota is aiming for catchy family fun with its 60-second Super Bowl, in which actor Terry Crews is piloting his new Highlander -- sold here as the Kluger -- along a remote highway, when he stops to help out after spotting a broken-down, brightly painted bus.

Within seconds, his SUV is crammed with Muppets: Animal stuffing his drum kit into the cargo area and Dr Teeth hijacking the driver's seat to steer off into a series of adventures, all singing an annoyingly catchy jingle perfectly designed to stick itself limpet-like to the viewer's brain.

Crews protests at first, but is won over by the Muppet mayhem, and by the time he returns home is shirtless and wearing his tie as a hippie headband. “There were singing vegetables! And chickens!” he explains to neighbour Kermit the Frog.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi LA, the ad is a timely tie-in with the coming Muppets Most Wanted movie, which rolls into cinemas shortly after the Super Bowl in early February.

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