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Toyota 86 Gazoo Racing teased

The teaser clip reveals... well, not much

Have you been dreaming of a more performance-focused Toyota 86? It seems your wish is about to be granted.

At the prototype drive of the brand's new Supra, engineers from Toyota's recently reimagined Gazoo Racing Company spoke about turning their attention to the rest of the Japanese giant's line-up, including the C-HR.

But it seems the ageing 86 might be the next model to get the go-fast treatment, with Toyota's Japanese arm releasing a cryptic teaser video on Twitter promoting the "86 by Toyota Gazoo Racing".

"It's all about the passion for speed," says the caption, with the video showing an 86 performing some serious circle work in a dusty field. The film is also cut with a clip of a pair of thundering horses - a reference to more horsepower? Let's hope so.

That's not it in the main image above this story, I'm afraid. That's from a Toyota promotion extolling the virtues of the 2018 model. The second image, the woefully grainy one, that's from the new teaser clip.

But speaking at the international launch of the all-new Supra in Spain, Toyota executives told CarsGuide its performance division had now grown from a marketing exercise to a fully fledged engineering division.

And having already turned its attention to the Supra and the pint-sized Yaris (with the international-only GRMN), it will now focus on the rest of the Toyota range. And it appears that will include the Toyota 86. Our fingers are crossed.

"We cannot talk about future plans, but we can talk about intention. And our intention is of course to have more products and more derivatives, and this will be discussed car by car and model by model, based on whether it fits the purpose, and if there is a demand," says Toyota's senior manager of product communications, Vincent Dewaersegger.

"But of course there is the intention - that's why we created the company. But I can't really comment much more than that, because it will be revealed in the course of the product launches."

Does a more performance-focused Toyota 86 get your motor running? Tell us in the comments below.