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Best dream cars for dad | Top 10

Go on - dream. It's Father's Day. You deserve it. Take the morning off and sift through this list of desirable cars. As a handy hint for your next Father's Day surprise, mention your favourite choice to your children. Then sit back and count the days.

image1. McLaren MP4-12C ($500,000-plus)

Too long between drinks since the McLaren F1 but the UK specialist serves up a worthy successor. Boffins will delight in the one-piece carbon-fibre construction, in-house 3.8-litre 450kW/600Nm bi-turbo V8 and seven-speed dual-clutch box, but the rest will simply hang on and drool. 

Gover says... "The race-bred McLaren sets a new standard for supercars, even if it lacks the passion of a Ferrari 458 Italia. Incredibly quick yet rides like a limo."

image2. Ferrari 458 ($526,950)

Surprisingly civilised supercar with brilliant performance. If the urge of this car doesn't scare you, try getting familiar with the mass of steering wheel controls. The 458, developed with input from Michael Schumacher, is a huge leap forward from Ferrari's previous mid-rear engined sports cars. 

Gover says... "The best car yet from Ferrari, combining gorgeous looks with performance that's ready and willing for any driver. And what a sound."

image3. Lamborghini Aventador ($754,600)

This has done the motor show rounds in Australia and stunned all its visitors. The Murcielago successor jumps into another plane with a 515kW/690Nm 6.5-litre V12, robotised transmission, pushrod suspension and carbon-fibre construction with trademark scissor doors.

Gover says... "The new bull raises the bar at Lamborghini and it's a car one the must-drive list for 2011. It all sounds very promising."

image4. Aston Martin One-77 ($2.1 million)

True, only pre-production cars have been built. But we're assured it's coming. Aston boasts it has the most powerful normally-aspirated engine in the world - its says more than 520kW with final specs on launch in 2012. Only 77 will be made.

Gover says... "Only owners have had access to the ultimate Aston, but the numbers look good and it's a sellout despite a ridiculous bottom line."

image5. Koenigsegg CCX ($1.3 million)

Low-volume high price exotic car looks a million dollars - but is, in fact, more than that. The company has gone to extraordinary lengths in engineering and construction - the 593kW/920Nm supercharged 4.7-litre V8 is, for example, a completely in-house unit. The CCX, following the CC, is specifically made for US compliance. 

Gover says... "It looks good on the Top Gear track but is not seen in Australia. And it's silly money when there are better cars for less."

image6. Audi R8 5.2 ($392,000)

When eight is not enough. Gallardo-engined R8 packs a 386kW/530Nm V10 that's good for a 3.9 second sprint to 100km/h. It's full of nappa leather, Bang & Olufsen sound and alloy finishes but best of all it looks sensational value for the money. 

Gover  says... "A Lamborghini beneath the skin but still with an Audi pricetag and everyday practicality. A lot like the Honda NSX, which is not a bad thing."

image7. Lexus LFA ($500,000-plus)

Very track-oriented supercar from Toyota, er Lexus, which ticks a lot of boxes for the enthusiast. Top-shelf construction and drivetrain shows Lexus isn't mucking about. Carbon-fibre construction from an expensive in-house facility, 412kW/480Nm 4.8-litre V10 and six-speed sequential transmission are just some of the highlights. Only 500 are planned. 

Gover says... "Already a collector's car despite the price. At its best on a racetrack and a bit grumpy on the road, with a cabin that trails for supercar impact."

image8. Porsche GT2RS ($560,000)

It's difficult to get your head around the sheer terror of a 1370kg coupe with a 456kW/700Nm bi-turbo 3.6-litre engine hanging out behind the rear axle. But forget the physics - the GT2RS works more effectively than Paris Hilton's publicist. Steel body, aluminium doors and carbon-fibre bonnet and seats and not a lot of kit. Frightening, though.

Gover says... "The ultimate 911 should always be a slightly scary car and the GT2 qualifies easily. It's a turbo-fueled speed machine but still usable every day."

image9. Jaguar XJ Supersport SWB ($354,800)

Sublime luxo-sports saloon from Jaguar can be all things to all owners. It's 375kW supercharged V8 roars with a muted supercharger whistle on a 4.9 second sprint to 100km/h - not bad for a 1892kg car - while occupants bathe in 1200-watts of Bowers & Wilkin's best. Plenty of room for the kids, too.

Gover says... "An attractive combination of luxury and pace, still with Jaguar's incredible ride control and a full list of standard equipment. Surprisingly quick if you feel the need."

image10. Rolls-Royce Phantom DH Coupe ($1.355 million)

You've probably heard of these people. This is one of their latest - a drophead coupe (convertible to us) with all the pretence of performance in a 2.6-tonne, 5.6m blur of steel, aluminium and leather. Despite its presence, it's 338kW/720Nm V12 engine will get to 100km/h in 5.8 seconds which should get Dad and the kids to McDonalds in plenty of time for breakfast.

Gover says... "The 'sporty' Rolls is best for long-distance cruising, like a pacey push across France. Not great in corners but brilliant as a loungeroom on wheels. Would I? You bet."

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