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To the top of the world

But if you have plans to pack up the family and conquer new heights, there's good news: the Wrangler Unlimited can reach the top.

Two Wrangler Unlimiteds have made the Guinness World Records, reaching the highest altitude ever climbed by a four-wheeled vehicle.

The two Jeeps climbed 6646m above sea level to the top of the world's highest volcano, the Ojos del Salado in Chile.

The team from German company Extrem Events, took five days to reach their goal, enduring hurricane-strength winds, -30C temperatures, not to mention glaciers, volcanic sand and rock cliffs. The two Wrangler Unlimiteds that completed this challenge were standard Rubicon models, with 3.8-litre, V6 engines.

They were also fitted with electronic altitude measuring technology and winches, as well as Goodyear MT/R tyres. The team leader, Mattias Jeschke described the accomplishment as “unbelievable, tremendous, phenomenal”.

The four-wheeled achievement comes 70 years after the first man climbed Ojos del Salado.

It's the second highest mountain in the western hemisphere.